Process starts on a rough piece of paper when creative consultants at Affectia put their heads together and arrange different elements such as logo, navigation, content, key content and so on. They keep on scratching their heads, drinking lot of caffeine and in a few iterations reach to an agreement. .


Now you are talking jargon – what the heck is that? We did not mean to annoy you with such words but trust us these are the terms you would not hear from so called designers so it is important that you understand – after all we love educating our clients.

When a sketch is approved, it is then converted into box-type layout (called wireframes). Wireframes identify positions of elements clearly. Once sign off, we move onto visual design.

Visual Design

Alright so we’re done with sketches and wireframes meaning 70% of the homework is done. Now what? Where are the colors? Where is my logo? Where are my pictures? Arghh – too many questions.

One answer. Visual Design.

Wireframes are beautified via visual design. Visual design is the process of putting together color theory, selecting appropriate font types and sizes, wise use of logo, branding and of course lot of white space.

Music comes in handy, creative juices flow – empty Photoshop canvas gets filled with beautiful colors, and as a result professional and bespoke website.



It’s party time – are you kidding? No we’re not. Our CMS is built with a mindset to help you spend more time on your other important day to day activities and less time editing your site.

With CMS, you can manage your website. Few of the many tasks listed below that you can do with our CMS:

  • Create new web pages
  • Edit existing web pages
  • Upload videos and pictures
  • Publish news and events
  • Manage leads
  • Send email newsletter
  • Add testimonial